About Us

91-4 TKM AND GR WEIR.1Jarring has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. Each year, my grandmother spends countless hours over the stove developing numerous flavor of jams and jellies. Of all these delicious assortments, the most famous is her hot pepper jelly. As time passed we would take jars of her delicious hot jelly to tailgates and events. It was an instant craze. Soon we had requests from friends who could not get enough of the never before tasted flavor of sweet hotness. We took this as a sign and began 5ive Oaks with the goal of sharing this amazing tradition.



Tastes like tradition. Feels like home.

20140114_081142_221678378When it came time to build our family love into a brand, our biggest concern was keeping our roots established to our up bringing. We spent days pondering company names, slogans, and catch phrases only to find ourselves saying they were not personal enough. As a result, they simply were not capturing our love of family, memories of playing in the fields of Southern Mobile Alabama, and walking to our grandparents through the country side.

Finally, it hit me; a memory of a place on my grandparent’s land where we often played. This special place is where we spent days playing under five large oaks that towered over the land. Simple as most would have, my grandparents refer to this corner as “five oaks.” We spent countless days playing with cousins and friends not worrying about the world around us and always saying “headed to five oaks grandma!” It was this fond memory and the name “five oaks” that captured everything that I wanted our company to reflect.

Consequently, as fate would have, the beginning of our business, founded on family traditions, principles, memories, and love, all revealed through our simple name 5ive Oaks.